Birth doula Support and Fees

All birth services include the following, and can also include herbal care or postpartum doula services if requested:                                         

  • Free initial consultation, prior to hiring

  • Three home prenatal visits

    • Our first visit explores our relationship to birth, the anatomy and physiology of the birthing process, and the main tenents or ideals you with to hold while you birth

    • Our second visit explores informed decision making, which choices in pregnancy, labour, and birth are your preference, alongside your desires in the case of something unexpected

    • Our third visit explores birthing confidence for the whole family through position changes, comfort measures, using the rebozo, introducing the TENS unit, acupressure, and becoming in tune with each other and our bodies

  • A fourth home prenatal visit at 41 weeks (if applicable)

    • During this visit, we normalize a 41(+) week pregnancy, reaffirm your baby and body's wisdom, explore new options in your pregnancy, and review any choices you may be making with your care provider at this time

  • Continuous labour and birth support including comfort measures such as access to my TENS unit, rebozo, acupressure, massage, aromatherapy, positioning guidance, emotional care and partner support.

  • Immediate postpartum (up to two hours after birth) and assistance with feeding your baby

  • One to two postpartum home visits, dependent on need

  • Unlimited phone, email and text support from initial hiring until six weeks postpartum

  • Access to my pregnancy, birth and postpartum resource libraries

  • I am on call for you two weeks prior to your due date, and remain on call until your baby arrives

Birth Service Fee: 1,500 dollars

  • For families experiencing miscarriage or loss, I am available to support you in your home or hospital, prepare holistic food, medicinal teas, debrief the experience, and provide additional resources at a drastically reduced fee

  • I provide services to one family per month on a sliding scale, who face multiple barriers to accessing birth support (please inquire)

  • I volunteer services by referral from local care providers

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