"birthwork is a deep trust in our bodies and instincts, alongside a commitment to learn from our collective knowledge and intergenerational experiences. I believe that each Family has the right to birth with dignity and in accordance with their wishes, to be supported and trusted in their choices, and to be welcomed into parenthood with joy and confidence."

As your doula, I give...

A free consultation

We meet and discuss your desires regarding your birth, what your expectations of a doula are, and what your needs may be. During this meeting, I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my practice, experience or birth philosophy.

Phone and email support

I am available for phone and email support upon hiring. Whether you have questions or fears, want to share the details of your latest primary caregiver appointment, or need a safe space to be heard, I am reachable and ready to provide support.

Prenatal visits

During prenatal visits, we chat about what your ideal birth looks like, what your comfort measures may be, as well as any particular fears or anxieties you may have. We might practice different positions for labour, we might discuss the details of your birth preferences, or I might provide you with information you need in order to make a particular decision. Our time together is spent preparing for your birth on your terms and is suited to meet your needs. 

Labour support

We meet at your home when you desire support. We'll work together to establish regular contractions through relaxation techniques, massage and position changes. If you are planning a hospital birth, I can help you decide when to leave for the hospital, and demystify the process of what happens once we arrive. Regardless of your choice of birth setting, I am completely focused on you and your needs; ready to respond with kind words, gentle suggestions, and affirming touch.

Baby’s first feeding support

However you choose to feed your baby, I am nearby to provide assistance. For many people, feeding your baby is a skill that takes time to develop. As you and your babe explore this process together, I am happy to lend support through experience, information, respectful listening, and hands on suggestions.

Postpartum care

After your birth, we meet to debrief the experience, chat about how amazing are strong you are, as well as swoon over your precious little babe. Having space to process your birth story aloud to someone who witnessed it in its entirety can be incredibly  healing and validating. Physical support is also offered- from holding your babe while you take a nap, to providing tips on how to swaddle your newborn, or simply doing a load of laundry and cooking a meal. I am here to do whatever is useful to you and your family in your time of transition.

Community referrals

Following our time together, any long term or unmet needs can be addressed, and support can be arranged. I am happy to refer you to community programs or organizations that tailor their services to your specific situation.

Why hire a doula?

The benefits of a doula are as varied and unique as each and every family. Doulas are typically the only member of the birth care-giving team that can provide continuous support from early labour, through birth, and into the immediate postpartum period, have developed a previous and trusting relationship with the birthing family, are already intimately familiar with their wishes, desires, and birth plan, and who are experienced in a variety of birth settings and situations. 

Check out the "Evidence for Doulas"


As your doula, I don't...

Perform any clinical tasks

As a doula, it is beyond my Scope of Practice to perform any clinical tasks such as ultrasounds, vaginal exams, or give interpretations of electronic fetal heart monitor readings, etc.

Make decisions for you

While I am happy to gather information for you to make informed decisions regarding your body, baby, and birth, I do not make any decisions for you.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

As your Doula, my voice will never override yours.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Your birth is on your terms. I work to support you in realizing your ideal birth as you define it.

Click here to scroll through more positive birth affirmations.

Click here to scroll through more positive birth affirmations.