A + J

Having Cassie as our Doula was the best decision we made. We didn’t plan our birth and went with no expectations as we felt it was not the sort of thing one can ‘plan’. There are very few words I can use to truly explain how helpful and essential Cassie was in our birth story, but I will try my best.

Having someone next to me who is so nurturing and attentive during a very long labour was unbelievably essential. From feeding me water between contractions, to holding and squeezing my hand during a contraction, to giving me the most encouraging words when they were needed the most. She was there for us weeks before the birth, answering questions, meeting once a week if required, coming to our home and making sure I was okay, even before anything started. She made sure she knew what we were feeling about labour as well as our concerns and fears for after the birth.

When the day came, I was in early labour for already thirty-six hours before we called Cassie who then was with us to the very end when our daughter was born (total labour fifty one hours). 

She was not overbearing or forceful with any decisions we had to make. She was not only essential to me, but for my partner too. She was able to answer questions or concerns he had without disrupting my concentration. She stayed calm and took over when my partner got tired.

I would not birth any more without a doula. The relationship needs to be one of trust yet openness. I believe it physically takes two people to help with birth and having Cassie gave my partner all the help he needed.

Even after the long time of labour and giving birth, Cassie stayed with us and made sure we were well looked after and came back the next day to check on us at the hospital. She gave me great postpartum care as well, coming over after my partner had gone to work, cooking for me, cleaning up a bit, helping me where I needed it. Also, just having someone to talk to helped a lot.

--Anja, James, and Ava (born 8.8 pounds, July 26th, 2014)