A + H

"She was so kind to us and very earnest doula. We really recommend her for everyone! She is also very responsible and always on time for everything. We met another doula before Cassie but she was totally different than the other one. Most biggest difference is Cassie was always with us. She spent some time with us before giving birth to get to know each other and she try to get some ideas/grasp how we want to have birth. Not only that, she came to our place twice to check our facility since we had planed to have home birth and shared some of her method how to support mother. She is very reliable doula. We could reach her any time via phone/text/email to answer our questions. She always said that please feel free to contact whenever you need me. I'm here for you. The day before we had baby, we call her suddenly to see my wife's condition. She was already well prepared to stay over with us on that night when she arrived our place. And keep in touch with our mid-wife. She did stay our place with us until we had baby. One day after we had baby, she came back to our place to teach breast-feed and to answer some of our questions. My wife said that we could not have safe birth without Cassie! She was always with my wife."