E + baby M

"Since I was going to be a single mom with very little family and friend support, my midwife insisted that I find a doula. After talking with many people, I saw the advantages in having a labour support with the experience and wisdom in helping me achieve the natural birth that I much desired. When I first met Cassie in my living room, I knew that I had found someone who not only had that willingness and knowledge to help me achieve this desire but also someone who had a genuine compassion for me despite the fact that we had just met. At 34 weeks, I found out my baby was breeched and my hopes for a natural birth may no longer be possible. Cassie came alongside of me time and again to help me with all the breech exercises to help the baby flip and spend time answering all my questions and concerns as well as listen to all my fears and doubts. In her gentle, quiet way, she made me realize that I was not alone in all of this and that she was there for me no matter what. At 40 weeks, I was persuaded by my midwife and consulting obstetrician to be induced due to my advanced maternal age. Since I had only one week from making this decision to the day of induction, I was under a huge amount of stress as I tried everything to natural induce labour. Cassie was always gave me her support and kept me positive through it all. Despite all of my efforts, it was meant to be that I go through the 23 hours of painful back labour and subsequent complications needing the caesarean after all. I depended completely on Cassie to carry me through those seemingly endless hours. Knowing she was there for me and cared genuinely for my baby and I made all the difference in the world. I couldn’t have done it with her by my side. She has been a huge blessing for me as I walked this journey to becoming a mother of a precious healthy boy. More than once, my midwife complimented about Cassie to me and saw the gem that I had found in this amazing doula."