L + S

My husband and I were lucky enough to work with Cassie for the birth of our first child. Unlike some other Doulas I met who seemed to have stronger opinions about things (epidurals, role of the husband etc.) , she was clear that my labour was my experience and she was willing to support us in any way we preferred. I knew that I would not feel pressured at anytime to conform to someonelse's expectations of the labour process.

Cassie was very helpful in the weeks leading up to labour as she came for a prenatal visit to discuss our birthplan and ease our concerns. When we went overdue she visited us again to provide some suggestions to ease discomfort and encourage labour. She was always timely, professional and most of all supportive. Outside of our in-home visits, she was always available via text, email or phone. 

During our labour Cassie worked to support my husband and I as we navigated through our labour. She helped provide me with whatever I needed, and would also provide support to my husband. She would often have things ready (water, cold cloth) to hand to my husband so that he could be the one providing for me. This aspect was really important to my husband because he wanted to make sure that the role of the Doula did not take his place. She actively assisted and reassured me throughout the labour and in the end we were most satisfied with her support. After the birth, she helped by taking some family photos and made sure I was comfortable before she left us to be with our new family. 

She kindly followed up with us a week later and answered our new parenting questions. Overall, our experience with Cassie could not have been better! We highly recommend her to anyone considering using a Doula. She was caring, supportive and really helped us have a great birth experience.