R + B

"Cassie is a kind, gentle, down-to-earth person, who makes you feel instantly comfortable. She has a quiet and calming presence, which I found very soothing. I absolutely loved having Cassie as a doula because she was supportive and non-judgemental when I discussed that I was interested in pain medication (which was a nice change of pace from others whom seemed to have strong opinions on having “natural” births).

I am a first-time mom, and this was my first pregnancy, so I was a little nervous about labour and delivery. As it turned out, our little girl ended up coming about 3 weeks early, and she came fast! Only 10 hours after my water broke, she was born (and in our apartment too! We chose to do a home delivery with my midwife, since things were moving along so quickly). Overall, labour and delivery went very smoothly and I contribute a lot of this to Cassie. As my midwife and family was preparing for the unplanned home delivery, Cassie remained by my side. She seemed to magically know exactly what I needed (and when I needed it) without having to say a word—whether it was a cold washcloth, rubbing my lower back, or needing to squeeze her hand.

Since my daughter arrived 3 weeks early, I had only met Cassie once before. Regardless of this, I felt extremely comfortable having her there on the day of delivery, and as soon as she arrived, she instantly began to help and comfort me through my contractions.

I’m not sure if I'll ever be able to thank Cassie enough for all she has done for me and my family. I am so glad I can look back at my birth experience as a positive one. Thank you Cassie!"