POstpartum Doula Support

Welcoming a new baby, growing your family, and entering parenthood is a remarkable, memorable, and joyous time. All families deserve a helping hand when navigating this journey, and I am honoured to offer physical, emotional and practical postpartum doula support. All care is provided on your terms, as I am completely confident in your abilities, and absolutely trust that you know what is best for your family. A little love, extra set of hands and empathetic listening ear goes a long way during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

After Birth home and family care

Why a POstpartum Doula?

Families who receive consistent, continuous support throughout their postpartum period often have a smoother transition into their fourth trimester, a time of great growth, adventure, and learning for everybody. Families feel more confident feeding their babes when met with patience, understanding and focused guidance. The continued presence and support of the doula who witnessed your labour and birth adds another layer of understanding and respect to your postpartum care. With another set of hands available in day to day tasks, families will feel more capable in their parenting abilities, having more time to rest, focus on one another, and bond with their baby.

What does a POstpartum Doula do?

Support and care is tailored to suit each family's growing needs. A care plan is created and support network identified during our first meeting. Some common tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Making meals, meal preparation, meal planning and/or grocery shopping

  • Running light errands

  • Basic house cleaning, laundry and dishes

  • Emotional support for new parents during the fourth trimester transition period

  • Emotional support for older children while they adjust to new family dynamics, and physical care while parent/s and new babe sleep, shower, step out of the home, etc.

  • Assistance and support in feeding your baby

  • Education and normalizing newborn sleep, behaviour, and cues

  • Basic newborn care support (swaddling, diapering, burping, etc)

  • Overnight support


Daytime service fees are 30/hour (4 hour minimum shift), while overnight care is 35/hour (8 hour minimum shift). I reserve a set number of hours at a reduced rate for a low income family each month, and provide services to single parents on a sliding scale.  

Please contact me with any questions, or for your free consultation.